Baytrail Trikes specializes in the custom fitting and outfitting of recumbent trikes. 
Check our Adaptive cycling page.

The new ICE Full Fat monster trike is here! 
See it at Baytrail Trikes.

We sell recumbent trikes, parts, accessories and adaptive modifications locally in Albany, California.

We offer test rides on the San Francisco Baytrail in Albany California by appointment.

We modify trikes to fit many different needs - check our adaptive cycling page.

We currently sell:

ICE trikes (Inspired Cycle Engineering): Adventure, Sprint, Vortex and Adventure HD--in all their “mix and match” configurations, including non-suspended, rear suspended, fully suspended models and accessories.

Hase: Kettwiesel, Handcycle, Lepus, Trets trailer and many adaptive cycling parts and accessories.

Greenspeed: Anura, Anura Quad and Magnum.

SUN: recumbent trikes.

BionX: electric assist system.

And a few odds and ends.

Please contact us for an appointment or more information.


(510) 292-6457


ICE Full Fat with ICE Adventure
Hase Kettwiesel and Lepus as tandem
Greenspeed Anura
Hase Adaptive pedal with Calf support